NEW YORK METRO + GREATER HOUSTON AREA (GHA) — Looking forward to discussing and outlining immediate initiatives ready for development with the support of WCH and Key Accounts for NY and TX.

The planning meeting for the Houston Rockets — and the growth strategy for Golden Nugget, Landry’s Inc, and other divisions of the Fertitta Entertainment organization — will be scheduled for beginning of April 2023 when the NBA regular season wraps up.

As part of the GHA program for the Rockets, we will be presenting to Howard Hughes (being headquartered here also at The Woodlands TX) for parallel and synergistic initiatives with the property development company. Asite and the Rockets’ property-onsite driven program will be the focus of collaborative discussions.


New entrant for US market, most open to WCH customization requirements.


Aggressive US rollout strategy, ongoing rollouts in airports and hospitals.


Market leader in commercial grade vacuum robots. Growing US distributor network for PdM.


Worldwide leader in service robotics. Established distributor network for rapid repair/service.

WeClean is strategically poised to expand its service offerings by leveraging Robotics-as-a-Solution (RaaS) to enhance clients’ property management ROI, asset safety, and employee-guest engagement.

Kyle Virina on PropTech with OnDemand Workforce Solutions with support from world’s top technology brands

WCH + PROPTECH STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS — Mobilization support will be needed for the operational and equipment retrofit/customization development that will be necessary for the mentioned pilots for the Key Accounts being placed onto the pipeline.

ASITE CEO Nathan Doughty is able to meet with the WCH team to best align strategies and process/workflow design on how the co-op efforts will best benefit WCH, Asite, and the robot partners.

LHR International, Asite, Gaussian
Pudu, American Robotech (Dallas)
Asite, eBIM PropTech (New York, Houston)

Through strategic partnerships with solution integrators and tech partners, WeClean not only leverages new IP-driven initiatives for scalability and growth, but can also create new profit centers within the enterprise.

Kyle Virina on Asite, TNM, Robotics partners for WCH campaigns

2023-24 PILOTS & ROLLOUT — As mentioned during our last call, the robot manufacturers have agreed to the mid-long term development strategy most beneficial for the WCH/HSKP360 efforts that provides property clients with the following:
(1) Buy, Lease, and Rent financial model for Vacuumbots and Servicebots
(2) Tremendous level of unit customizations
(3) Reliable US-based technical support, Preventive Maintenance & Repair
(4) Co-op investments for business development and sales-marketing efforts

OrionStar‘s North America General Manager Alice Shi will be a key supporter of a NYC and Houston focus that can then be expanded to other client markets with the full network of OrionStar’s R&D and Tech Support infrastructure. (NYSE:CMCM, Cheetah Mobile parent company)

iTR‘s Director for US Rachel Qiu has agreed to white label/ private label offerings for select WCH clients

Pudu‘s top US distributor, American Robotech‘s CEO Jackie Chen is able to provide NYC and Houston support teams for all WCH client properties

Source: Gaussian
Source: Sparkoz